Our Code of Ethics

Our principles. Our values


Art. 1 - Code of Ethics: general principles

  1. the guiding principles are fairness, respect, transparency, professionalism and safeguarding all the interests involved;

  2. the rules of conduct contained in this Code are binding.

Art. 2 - Code of Ethics: purpose

Our Code of Ethics defines rules and provides behavioural suggestions in order to base our professional activity on the principles of fairness, respect, professionalism and transparency to protect all our guests.


Art. 3 - General rules of conduct

Our company and each person collaborating with us are committed to:

  1. act with the diligence and care of a good father, according to the moral principles of loyalty, respecting the rules and standards of fairness and professionalism;
  2. always act in compliance with the laws in general and in particular with those regulations that govern our profession;
  3. require and strictly observe professional secrecy and demand that this also be observed by the Co-workers, Employees and Colleagues who assist him/her in the performance of his/her activity, also complying with the provisions of the laws in force on Personal Data Protection (Privacy);
  4. always act with transparency, avoiding any possible misunderstanding;
  5. refrain from adopting unfair and untruthful forms of advertising, remembering that it is unlawful to omit to communicate details and facts necessary for the customer to correctly assess a product, activity or service.
  6. never confuse remuneration for work performed with money received on behalf of the owner, i.e. never withhold for oneself sums other than one's own entitlements.

Art. 4 - Rules of conduct: relations between our company and the Guest 

Our company and each person who collaborates with us are committed to:

  1. always act in compliance with the provisions of this Code of Ethics and the regulations in force;
  2. give a correct and impartial description of the property that is the subject of the holiday rental and, when requested, be available to assist the Guest until the actual end of the holiday;
  3. find, for every assignment acquired, every document and other element that is necessary and/or useful for the correct performance of its activities;
  4. informing the Guest of any objective difficulties that may arise regarding the holiday that is the object of the service.

Art. 5 - Rules of conduct: relations between our company and Colleagues

  1. it is forbidden to collaborate with anyone who abusively exercises their profession;
  2. it is forbidden to work directly with persons bound by a relationship of partnership, dependency or collaboration with other Colleagues, if such operational collaboration has not been agreed in advance with the owners of the respective companies;
  3. it is forbidden to use means that may create misunderstandings and confusion on the market, generating interference with Colleagues (e.g.: acceptance of assignment in the presence, in the knowledge, of an assignment that is still in force and has already been conferred on another Colleague; billposting or advertisements whose subject is a product that is known to be exclusively managed by another Colleague)
  4. no acts of unfair competition shall be performed in the course of one's activity;
  5. every Colleague, should he witness it, shall report to the competent bodies any form of unfair competition, false advertising and anything else that may damage the image of the profession.


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